Monday, October 27, 2008

New China Dolls!!

Elizabeth Stewart Clark has two new dolls to choose from! They are 'Oh! so lovely'!!
Please go and check them out!
Here is the link to E.S.C.'s "Doll Case":

Or click on links below to see the dolls!

and a very cute
Cloth Doll

They are just gorgeous!
We salute you Mrs. Clark! =]
~Marguerite =]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tasha Tudor Tea....

I do apologize that this was so frightfully long in coming...
However I thought you would enjoy the pictures anyway. =]
I (Emaline) had my cousins Olive and Mabel and my friend Ophelia over for a tea party on the lawn! We had such a lovely time!
We had watermelon and Maple Scones. yum!

And Peach Green Tea.

(And we dressed up too!)
Then we took a walk by the garden...

A lovely time had by all!
I hope you enjoyed having tea with us!
Please, do join us again!
~Miss Emaline