Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Miss Savannah Mariee Johnson

Janurary 15th, 1837, Harpers Ferry, West Virgina a new baby girl was born into the Johnson family. Her name was Savannah Mariee. She had four brothers, and one sister, who later died.

When Savannah was five, the Johnson family packed up all their belongings and headed for the Oregon trail. Savannah thought that this adventure was going to take them back home to Harpers Ferry. When they ended in Willamette, Oregon, Savannah promised herself that when she was old enough she would go back to Harpers Ferry.

In 1860, when Savannah was 23, she headed back east. She lived there for two years until the war broke out, and Harpers Ferry was held by the Union. She was forced to leave and while she still had her life she fled to Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Savannah loves......
Being with Friends
The latest fashions
And cooking/baking

What else could a lady (of her time period, no doubt) want?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tasha Tudor Day

Hello Everyone!
A quick announcement to let you know that this Thursday, August 28th, is Tasha Tudor Day!
A perfect excuse for having tea, dressing up, going without electricity all day or all of it at once!

Be sure to look up this book at your local library too!Tasha's incredible doll house is unlike any other I have ever seen!

Here is a link to the Tasha Tudor website if you would like to know more about this fascinating lady!

"Take Joy!"
~Miss Emaline

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Introduction of Miss Fiona Grace Harrison

I would like to introduce... Miss Fiona Grace Harrison, who came from the coast of Ireland at age 16 with her father and her 4 brothers and sisters. In the summer of 1845 a terrible fever broke out among the townspeople of McDoogen. When Fiona's mother and baby sister caught it and died, her father packed them all up and moved them to the states. Joy and peace flourished in their household in Maryland. Fiona now tries hard to step into her mother's shoes in taking care of her sister and brothers. In her spare time she likes... singing, sewing, drawing, gardening and dancing (the highland fling. :-D) and she loves chatting with her good friends!!

Fiona made her dress from her family's tartan before she moved to Maryland. Though poor as they are, she tries to look her best with the silk ribbon (handed down by her great grandmother) tied around her neck.

She is very delighted to join the Circle of Fashionable Friends!
Please pass the tea!!!