Monday, September 22, 2008

Miss Sara Kalei

The Johnsons were traveling the Oregon Trail. They came across a wagon that had fallen apart and the parents had left the children to find help. The children told the Johnsons that their parents had been gone for three weeks and they had not heard a word. So,the Johnsons took the hungry children into their care and ended up adopting them when they got to Oregon. They later found the parents had died of starvation.

One of the children who was adopted by the Johnson family was Sara Kalei. Before Sara was adopted she had two brothers and one sister. After she was adopted she had six brothers and two sisters.

My family and I (Savannah) came across Sara's family just in time. If we had come three days later, all of the kids would have died.

Sara went back to Harpers Ferry with me, but later fell in love and moved back to Oregon.

Sara loves just about the same things that I do. She also loves to be out in the country. Sara does not get to spend much time with her friends,but when she does, she treasures every moment that she has with them.

Sara mean: Princess and Kalei means: One who serves the King.

Since I told all about Sara, she would like to take this time to tell you what my name means.

Savannah means: Open Plains
Mariee means: Sea of Bitterness

Let me tell you that Savannah is not bitter one bit!

I'm so glad that I can be a part of this Circle of Friends!


SisterlyLove said...

Welcome Miss Sarah!
How glad I am to meet you!
I just LOVE your dress and apron! What beautiful details!
~Miss Emaline

SisterlyLove said...

Yay yay yay! Welcome Miss Sarah. We are so glad to have you! I love the color of your dress. You match our wallpaper! :)
-Miss Olive Wright (who will be joining the circle soon.)

Post Script: Everyone who is a part of this circle or just likes to read it please feel free to comment all you want! We love hearing from you. O.W.

The Jantzen family said...

Welcome,Welcome,Welcome!!! So nice to meet you!! I think it is always fun to meet new friend dolls!!
love Miss Fiona~

SisterlyLove said...

Miss Fiona you could not have said it better! You are MOST welcome Sarah, to our blog! And I simply ADORE your dress and apron. It looks positively charming! May I take the liberty to complementing you on your beautiful, Green eyes?...Right. They are lovely...*sigh*
If you do not think it rightly nice, I beg you do not answer this question. From your sitting position I cannot judge how tall you are. I prithee, what is your height?
~Miss Mabel Jane (Not yet published on the blog.)