Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meet Miss Alice...

This is my rag doll Miss Alice Tumuhairwe. I named her after a lady I met once who is a missionary in Africa. She is so very lovely!
Alice is wearing: a green, calico, cotton day dress (1860's) that I made out of scraps from my day dress that I made from some old curtains. =] (honest.)
And an apron that I made out of an old blouse that I had. (It was too cute to get rid of!)
Her favorite things to do are: dressing up, going to Civil War reenactments and dancin'. =]

Alice and Emaline are the Best of Friends!



Anna Kristine said...

Alice is so sweet! I love her dress and apron! I also love Emmaline's underpinnings! You should do a post on them one of these days...*hint*hint*
Much love,
~Anna Kristine

SisterlyLove said...

Oh! Thank you! Yes. I am going to do an underpinning post soon... hopefully..

You need to take some pictures of Diana and put them on here! It would be so deeply and fashionably wonderful!
Thanks for commenting on our blog!
Love ya!