Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tasha Tudor Day and a Fashion Magazine

Happy day everyone!
I thought I'd show you some pictures of something I made that was inspired by Tasha Tudor. =]
It is a Doll's Fashion Catalog! Tasha made one for her children from which they could, for the price of buttons (literally), order what they wanted and it would come via Sparrow Post. =] And since I simply adore fashion magazines, I thought it was an absolutely superb idea!
So, when I got Cora's name in a sewing circle Christmas gift drawing, I decided it was just the thing to make!
It's covered in a blue cotton calico with a cotton bias binding. The pages are sewn in.
As Cora is very fond of costuming, I thought it'd be lovely for each item to be from a different era. Here is an 1830's Pelerine.
A carpet bag from the 1860's and a Tournure from the 1840's-1860's.
A ruffled petticoat from the 1880's and a capelet and muff from the 1820's.

And my most favorite... Panniers or pocket hoops from the 1730's - 1770's.

On the back is a little pocket that holds the order forms.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my Fashion Magazine. I finally found pictures of Tasha's catalog HERE. It's a rather strange blog but she had a very interesting article on this little book. (It's worth it for the pictures!)
I myself saw it on the "Take Joy!" video. It has the most amazing footage of Tasha's doll house! Her dolls are 18" (like us) =] and so the doll house is to 1/4 scale. It's incredible! In fact on the video it is sometimes difficult to see which is Tasha's real house and which is the doll's house. If you would like to see it, you can get this book from the library:{Click on picture to see it at and definitely look inside the book too. There's even a goat barn!}

Here is a picture of Emma's Kitchen, with Emma and her husband Thaddeus in it. I believe the sink pump faucet really does work. =]

Anyway, before I get too carried away with dreams of houses, I just have one more thing to say... Soon I will post a tutorial on how to make a bonnet! Doll size of course. =] Here is the bonnet without any frills. (I do have it decorated now but have not yet taken pictures.) So... next on my list of to-do's is the tutorial. =]
I hope everyone is in excellent health and enjoying these beautiful August days!
Farewell for the present, Emaline

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!

Hello my dears! I hope you've all had a splendid day! I've been having a most enjoyable day! Blissful is the word. In fact it's been so laid back I'm afraid I don't have much to post about! But that was my intention really.. To enjoy the day for what it is, not for what I can accomplish in it. =]
So, just for your enjoyment... here are some pictures of Tasha Tudor and her illustrations and of course, her doll things. =]

Here are a few pictures of just a few rooms in her doll house.

I want this one!

With Love, Emaline

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tasha Tudor Day news

Salutations! Tasha Tudor Day is Tomorrow, Aug. 28th!! So that is what's been on my mind, obviously.. =]
I have just come across this lovely blog and thought I should share it with you...
Rookery Ramblings is a blog written by a lady named Natalie who is the office manager of Tasha Tudor and Family Inc.. Her blog is so charming! It has everything Tasha you could wish for. =]She is also hosting a giveaway to win an old fashioned ice cream maker and a Tasha Tudor Cookbook for first prize, a Tasha Tudor Cookbook for 2nd prize and for the next 5 winners is a "Making Ice cream and Frozen Yogurt" booklet! Isn't that fabulous? So sign up! Entry will close on Monday Aug. 30th.

Also as another item of interest... Storybook Woods celebrates Tasha Tudor Day every year and invites everyone who posts about Tasha Tudor Day to link to their post on her blog!
{Click on picture to go to Storybook Woods' posts about Tasha Tudor Day}I hope everyone has a lovely day!
Take Joy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A quick announcement

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know that Tasha Tudor Day is coming up on Saturday, August 28th! Hooray! I hope everyone will remember to celebrate 'the little things' like Tasha Tudor used to. =]
And if by chance you do anything special, we would love to hear about it! *hint hint*--Here-- is a post with some pictures of our Tasha Tudor day the year before last.

Fare you well!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A quilt for Emaline

Salutations Ladies! I wanted to show you the quilt my darling cousin Olive made for me last Christmas! (Isn't she amazing?) And yes... I know, I'm just now putting it on here.
I'm slow.
Isn't it beautiful? The fabrics are just gorgeous! On Christmas morning when I opened the package I was quite stunned. ;) Then after coming out of my first initial stunning, I (naturally) went into raptures...
Here is the back which she also pieced!
*sighs and puts hand to head to stop from swooning*
She tied it with cotton cording. Aren't those fabrics adorable?
It is so cozy too! She used cotton batting on the inside.
Thank you my dear Olive for such a lovely gift!
Here is a gift I received last Christmas from Miss Fiona! :)
She made these beautiful cards by hand and sent them to me in a package by post as she lives quite far away. Thank goodness for the postal service! It makes me feel a least a little bit closer.

Aren't they lovely! I haven't been able to bear parting with them. (I'm silly that way...) One day, I will need a card for something and I'll know just the perfect one to send! Thank you so much my sweet!
The sweet crocheted purse I got from my Mother for Christmas! Isn't it pretty? It has a beautiful pearl button for a closure and a long shoulder strap for keeping your hands vacant. And the cards just happened to be the right size to fit inside so that is wear I've been keeping them safe. :)
Thank you Marmee!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I'm posting about Christmas.. ha ha! But that's ok because I am enjoying myself. I hope you have enjoyed reading or looking at this post as much as me. Ha ha! I love hearing your comments, questions and thoughts on our blog, so please do leave one if you feel so inclined.. Thank you!
And Thank you to all of our followers! It makes me feel happy that we can in some way share a little bit of our world with you and maybe even inspire or just make you smile. Thanks again!
I hope everyone has a glorious day in God's beautiful world!
- Miss Emaline