Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!

Hello my dears! I hope you've all had a splendid day! I've been having a most enjoyable day! Blissful is the word. In fact it's been so laid back I'm afraid I don't have much to post about! But that was my intention really.. To enjoy the day for what it is, not for what I can accomplish in it. =]
So, just for your enjoyment... here are some pictures of Tasha Tudor and her illustrations and of course, her doll things. =]

Here are a few pictures of just a few rooms in her doll house.

I want this one!

With Love, Emaline


Caroline said...

I just wanted to drop you a comment to say how much I enjoyed looking around your blog! I love dolls and small things in general. I have been following "The Three Spinsters" for a little while now and thought I would just pop over here and see what there was to see.


SisterlyLove said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment Caroline! We have so much fun with our dolls and this blog, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. =]
-Emaline (Marguerite)