Sunday, July 26, 2009

Faerie Dolls

Here's a fun thing to do in Summer!
My sisters and I made these whilst sitting on the lawn as Marmee read to us on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. We started with dried up poppy seed pods (from 'Shirley Temple' poppies - That's the pink ones.) for the head and body. Then we tied on leaves and flowers from around the yard with grass and Voila! There you have a little faerie friend to play with.
I made this one below.
She has freckles! And notice the puffed sleeves!
*+* Aimee (aka Mabel) made this one. *+*
She used a green seed pod that hadn't dried up yet. And her skirt is So pretty! Isn't her hat just SO fabulous! I would love to have a Hollyhock hat like that!
*+* Genevieve (aka Olive) made this one. Isn't she cute? She looks like a "Flapper" from the 1920's don't you think? *+*+*

I also LOVE to make little tiny faerie houses out of things I find on forest floors and river beds. I'll post some pictures of my most recent one soon.
Have a fabulously Summery week!
*+*+* Fare Thee Well, Miss Emaline *+*+*