Sunday, July 26, 2009

Faerie Dolls

Here's a fun thing to do in Summer!
My sisters and I made these whilst sitting on the lawn as Marmee read to us on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. We started with dried up poppy seed pods (from 'Shirley Temple' poppies - That's the pink ones.) for the head and body. Then we tied on leaves and flowers from around the yard with grass and Voila! There you have a little faerie friend to play with.
I made this one below.
She has freckles! And notice the puffed sleeves!
*+* Aimee (aka Mabel) made this one. *+*
She used a green seed pod that hadn't dried up yet. And her skirt is So pretty! Isn't her hat just SO fabulous! I would love to have a Hollyhock hat like that!
*+* Genevieve (aka Olive) made this one. Isn't she cute? She looks like a "Flapper" from the 1920's don't you think? *+*+*

I also LOVE to make little tiny faerie houses out of things I find on forest floors and river beds. I'll post some pictures of my most recent one soon.
Have a fabulously Summery week!
*+*+* Fare Thee Well, Miss Emaline *+*+*


Jantzen Family said...

Lovely, Lovely!! You girls are so creative!!! I love them!!
Love <><
Miss Fiona~Becca

Gabrielle Krake said...

These are definitely the most beautiful creations I have ever seen. We make fairy gardens all the time around here, I'm so glad to find these. Thanks for your kind comment about my doll tutorial over at Bee Wise Bags!

Anonymous said...

wow! Those are REALLY cool!
(Soon to be) Georgianna

SisterlyLove said...

Thanks Ta- I mean Georgianna!
I'm so excited about you joining our fashionable Circle!! Hooray!!