Monday, November 28, 2011

a rainy day

There's nothing quite like staying at home on a rainy day. The world outside is chill and wet and the rain seems to drizzle endlessly.

Inside it is still and cozy and the light which comes from the windows is bright and cold.

The only thing to do on this sort of day is to muse calmly, while nestled under many blankets, drinking steaming hot tea and knitting just for the pleasure of it.

The attic, which usually makes you think of cobwebs, old boxes of baby clothes and the need of organization, now looks quite inviting...

and with the large windows overlooking the pond it is the perfect spot for watching the rain drops fall while eating fudge and doing absolutely nothing.

Every once in while a carriage might drive by and for a moment you wonder, "What can they be thinking of, being out and about in such weather?"

And then dismiss the thought and calmly resume your handwork thinking, "Such a lovely day...".

I hope you have a lovely day too. =]
Love, Miss Emaline

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I just wanted to share this picture. Isn't it neat? When I saw it I thought, "How very french..." ha ha!

I hope everyone is well and good. 

Love, Miss Emaline