Sunday, December 21, 2008

Look... these beautiful doll costumes by Peacock Manor. They are so beautiful! I love the Elizabeth Bennet Costumes she has made!

Happy Christmas to you all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Diana Princess of Wales

Meet Princess Diana, fashion icon of the 80's.
Diana was born in Norfolk, England on 1 July 1961. She was an excellent swimmer and diver, and longed to be a ballerina, however was considered to be too tall at 5' 10". She later married Prince Charles and had two sons, William and Harry.
My brother gave me a Princess Diana china doll that I wanted to share with all of you.
The detail is incredible, right down to her handbag and ring:
And stunning necklace and earrings:

Read more about her HERE.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just happened across these photos of some antique doll clothes.
I thought they were most inspiring! As I hope you will too.

This first one really makes me wish I could knit.
What beautiful fabric! I LOVE that coat!

I put this one on here for you Miss Fiona! I absolutely adore these outfits!

Miss Emaline is still on Holiday... But I am sure she will have plenty to say when she returns!
And I am dying to here from you all, and see some pictures... *hint* hint*
In the mean time... I remain your humble servant, Marguerite

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some items of randomness....

As Miss Emaline and her cousins are away visiting a friend, I (Marguerite) am taking the liberty of updating etc.
I hope you all like the new banner at top... I thought it was such a gorgeous painting I just had to make a banner of it. It was time for an update.
It is such a wonderful time of year, November... It's getting rather chilly out doors and one can't help but want to drink hot cider and sit by a roaring fire with a good book. Or a new dress to work on. =] My Sisters and I are currently getting ready for a Nutcracker Tea and Christmas Boutique to be held by May Farm Cottage. We are all tremendously excited! My sister Aimee and I are preparing a ballet dance for the entertainment of the tea guests and we're all making little ornaments and things to sell at the boutique! I simply cannot wait!
Here's a rather random little picture that is so lovely! I thought I would share it.
And here is a picture of some antique doll clothes that are just beautiful!
I absolutely adore the pink and green bustle dress! Very lovely!
MEMBERS: If you have more pictures like this of clothes you've seen (or made) please post them! We'd love to see them!
Also, Check out this site! It has some amazing photos of antique dolls, doll clothes, doll furniture etc. Very neat! Be sure to look at the Fashion Clothing section for some good ideas and the Miniature Furniture section. It is truly amazing!

I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying all the splendors of Autumn!
Adieu, Marguerite

Monday, October 27, 2008

New China Dolls!!

Elizabeth Stewart Clark has two new dolls to choose from! They are 'Oh! so lovely'!!
Please go and check them out!
Here is the link to E.S.C.'s "Doll Case":

Or click on links below to see the dolls!

and a very cute
Cloth Doll

They are just gorgeous!
We salute you Mrs. Clark! =]
~Marguerite =]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tasha Tudor Tea....

I do apologize that this was so frightfully long in coming...
However I thought you would enjoy the pictures anyway. =]
I (Emaline) had my cousins Olive and Mabel and my friend Ophelia over for a tea party on the lawn! We had such a lovely time!
We had watermelon and Maple Scones. yum!

And Peach Green Tea.

(And we dressed up too!)
Then we took a walk by the garden...

A lovely time had by all!
I hope you enjoyed having tea with us!
Please, do join us again!
~Miss Emaline

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meet Miss Alice...

This is my rag doll Miss Alice Tumuhairwe. I named her after a lady I met once who is a missionary in Africa. She is so very lovely!
Alice is wearing: a green, calico, cotton day dress (1860's) that I made out of scraps from my day dress that I made from some old curtains. =] (honest.)
And an apron that I made out of an old blouse that I had. (It was too cute to get rid of!)
Her favorite things to do are: dressing up, going to Civil War reenactments and dancin'. =]

Alice and Emaline are the Best of Friends!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Miss Sara Kalei

The Johnsons were traveling the Oregon Trail. They came across a wagon that had fallen apart and the parents had left the children to find help. The children told the Johnsons that their parents had been gone for three weeks and they had not heard a word. So,the Johnsons took the hungry children into their care and ended up adopting them when they got to Oregon. They later found the parents had died of starvation.

One of the children who was adopted by the Johnson family was Sara Kalei. Before Sara was adopted she had two brothers and one sister. After she was adopted she had six brothers and two sisters.

My family and I (Savannah) came across Sara's family just in time. If we had come three days later, all of the kids would have died.

Sara went back to Harpers Ferry with me, but later fell in love and moved back to Oregon.

Sara loves just about the same things that I do. She also loves to be out in the country. Sara does not get to spend much time with her friends,but when she does, she treasures every moment that she has with them.

Sara mean: Princess and Kalei means: One who serves the King.

Since I told all about Sara, she would like to take this time to tell you what my name means.

Savannah means: Open Plains
Mariee means: Sea of Bitterness

Let me tell you that Savannah is not bitter one bit!

I'm so glad that I can be a part of this Circle of Friends!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Miss Savannah Mariee Johnson

Janurary 15th, 1837, Harpers Ferry, West Virgina a new baby girl was born into the Johnson family. Her name was Savannah Mariee. She had four brothers, and one sister, who later died.

When Savannah was five, the Johnson family packed up all their belongings and headed for the Oregon trail. Savannah thought that this adventure was going to take them back home to Harpers Ferry. When they ended in Willamette, Oregon, Savannah promised herself that when she was old enough she would go back to Harpers Ferry.

In 1860, when Savannah was 23, she headed back east. She lived there for two years until the war broke out, and Harpers Ferry was held by the Union. She was forced to leave and while she still had her life she fled to Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Savannah loves......
Being with Friends
The latest fashions
And cooking/baking

What else could a lady (of her time period, no doubt) want?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tasha Tudor Day

Hello Everyone!
A quick announcement to let you know that this Thursday, August 28th, is Tasha Tudor Day!
A perfect excuse for having tea, dressing up, going without electricity all day or all of it at once!

Be sure to look up this book at your local library too!Tasha's incredible doll house is unlike any other I have ever seen!

Here is a link to the Tasha Tudor website if you would like to know more about this fascinating lady!

"Take Joy!"
~Miss Emaline

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Introduction of Miss Fiona Grace Harrison

I would like to introduce... Miss Fiona Grace Harrison, who came from the coast of Ireland at age 16 with her father and her 4 brothers and sisters. In the summer of 1845 a terrible fever broke out among the townspeople of McDoogen. When Fiona's mother and baby sister caught it and died, her father packed them all up and moved them to the states. Joy and peace flourished in their household in Maryland. Fiona now tries hard to step into her mother's shoes in taking care of her sister and brothers. In her spare time she likes... singing, sewing, drawing, gardening and dancing (the highland fling. :-D) and she loves chatting with her good friends!!

Fiona made her dress from her family's tartan before she moved to Maryland. Though poor as they are, she tries to look her best with the silk ribbon (handed down by her great grandmother) tied around her neck.

She is very delighted to join the Circle of Fashionable Friends!
Please pass the tea!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Meet Miss Emaline...

Salutations to all of our fellow Fashionable Friends. Come in, come in! We are so pleased that you could visit us. Please sit down and make yourselves comfortable. Will you take tea? Cream? No? One lump or two? Are we all settled in? Good. Oh, napkins of course! I do beg your pardon!

And now, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you a most Fashionable and Important lady. Though if she heard us call her "Important" she would most assuredly blush with Feminine Modesty. (She has the sweetest disposition!)

Miss Emaline Rose Foster

Let us tell you a little about this Elegant young lady.

Miss Emaline was born in Germany in the year 1845, on February the 17th. In the same year, her family immigrated to America in search of freedom and adventure. Emaline loved growing up on her family's farm. She loves to sketch and take long walks with her cousins. She enjoys working in her kitchen garden and baking with her mother. She loves to dance, go to the theater and host fashionable parties and sewing circles for her many friends. She is a very adventurous and imaginative young lady and is always up for a good Fling.

One of her greatest interests is Fashion. While frivolity is something she makes Every Effort to avoid, she delights in being fashionable as well as studying the different arts and styles of fashion in all forms. Which is why she, along with her Fashionable cousins, has started this Circle of Fashionable Friends. She hopes that it will prove to be a place to ask questions, share ideas and post photographs of our latest (fashionable) projects. And of course, we must have all the news about the latest linens from Paris!

Thank you ever so much for joining us for tea. We hope you enjoyed meeting our esteemed matriarch and founder of this Circle of Fashionable Friends.
Come again often to meet our other members and admire their Fashionable findings.
Please feel free to comment anytime you wish. We would be delighted to hear from you.
With most sincere regards,
The Members of Miss Emaline's Circle of Fashionable Friends