Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just happened across these photos of some antique doll clothes.
I thought they were most inspiring! As I hope you will too.

This first one really makes me wish I could knit.
What beautiful fabric! I LOVE that coat!

I put this one on here for you Miss Fiona! I absolutely adore these outfits!

Miss Emaline is still on Holiday... But I am sure she will have plenty to say when she returns!
And I am dying to here from you all, and see some pictures... *hint* hint*
In the mean time... I remain your humble servant, Marguerite


SisterlyLove said...

So cute! I wish I could knit too. *sigh*.

Anna Kristine said... inspiring. :) Indeed, I really want to learn to knit! And those Highland dolls...I want to make a Highland doll! Maybe I shall....

SisterlyLove said...

Indeed! ;)
You should make a highland doll most definitely. (You also need to post that doll that you made...have you finished her yet?)


Anna Kristine said...

I was thinking about finishing her today...had her in my hand and everything, but my shoulder hurt too much. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow? Or after Christmas? We shall see...I have a whole bunch of doll ideas up my sleeve.
I Elizabeth Gaskell marathon doll making day...yeah? ;)