Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some items of randomness....

As Miss Emaline and her cousins are away visiting a friend, I (Marguerite) am taking the liberty of updating etc.
I hope you all like the new banner at top... I thought it was such a gorgeous painting I just had to make a banner of it. It was time for an update.
It is such a wonderful time of year, November... It's getting rather chilly out doors and one can't help but want to drink hot cider and sit by a roaring fire with a good book. Or a new dress to work on. =] My Sisters and I are currently getting ready for a Nutcracker Tea and Christmas Boutique to be held by May Farm Cottage. We are all tremendously excited! My sister Aimee and I are preparing a ballet dance for the entertainment of the tea guests and we're all making little ornaments and things to sell at the boutique! I simply cannot wait!
Here's a rather random little picture that is so lovely! I thought I would share it.
And here is a picture of some antique doll clothes that are just beautiful!
I absolutely adore the pink and green bustle dress! Very lovely!
MEMBERS: If you have more pictures like this of clothes you've seen (or made) please post them! We'd love to see them!
Also, Check out this site! It has some amazing photos of antique dolls, doll clothes, doll furniture etc. Very neat! Be sure to look at the Fashion Clothing section for some good ideas and the Miniature Furniture section. It is truly amazing!

I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying all the splendors of Autumn!
Adieu, Marguerite


Anna Kristine said...

Oooh....those gowns are AMAZING!

SisterlyLove said...

Remember this?
"November is the most disagreeable month in the whole year," said Margaret, standing at the window one dull afternoon, looking out at the frost-bitten garden.
"That's the reason I was born in it," observed Jo pensively, quite unconscious of the blot on her nose.
"If something very pleasant should happen now, we should think it a delightful month," said Beth who took a hopeful view of everything, even November.
"I dare say; but nothing pleasant ever does happen in this family," said Meg, who was out of sorts. "We go grubbing along day after day, without a bit of change, and very little fun. We might as well be in a treadmill."
"My patience, how blue we are!" cried Jo.

Hee hee! I like November tons! silly gurls!