Friday, June 28, 2013

1840's Bonnet and Belt

Here are some pictures of the accessories I made for my Orange and Cream 1840's dress. I had completely forgotten to post them! I hope you like!

 I added new trimmings to my plain, linen bonnet. 
The bonnet, belt (and outfit) were partly inspired by this costume from Cranford worn by the hilarious Miss Pole.
The feathers are real Peacock feathers and Goose feathers that I cut down to size. 
The ties are organza ribbon and a loose-woven blue cotton seam tape. 
(I love mixing blue and orange! Have you noticed?) 
The medallion I made with organza ribbon, flat seam lace, and seed beads. I loved adding the beads! I hope to do more of this in the future!
I added a gathered organza ribbon around the inside of the brim and at the back of the neck. Everything is tacked in place with large stitches so that when I wish to change the trim, I can simply snip the thread and pull it off.
The belt is made of darker organza ribbon and the same blue cotton seam tape. The 'buckle' in the front is brown embroidery floss covering a plastic ring off of an old camisole. That back is secured with a snap. 
(I love snaps for doll clothes! And here's a little tid bit...  Snaps for clothing were invented by Heribert Bauer in 1885. Unfortunately, they would not have been around in the 1840's... However.. I am not too worried about ALL my accoutrements being so very accurate! And besides, snaps are so much easier to use AND easier to hide than hooks and eyes!)

Love to you all!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Emaline's bedroom makeover...

 Oh! How I love to redecorate!

 The last you saw of my bedroom it looked like this... Yay for Christmas decor!
 Then, after I reluctantly took down my Christmas decor, it was decorated for Valentines and my Birthday. Yay!
Mabel made me the loveliest calendar {More on that later!} Which you see there in front of the vase of flowers.
 My darling Mama made this rug for me! Isn't it the cushiest, coziest thing you've ever seen?
Then, on a rather blustery, gloomy March day, I received the loveliest little book of Spring from my dear friend Miss Jean {See previous post}. And it was so inspiring, it gave me the nudge I needed to clear all of the winter coziness from my room and bring in all the freshness of Spring! So... Here is what I did...

I added some happy thoughts to my walls...  
A cross-stitch and a mirror. For both I made a frame out of twigs.
 Forsithia, linens (napkins from Marmee make wonderful table cloths), books, sea shells and feathers...

 I switched my red bird cage for white. Happy birds!
 And I finally re-covered the cushions on my chairs.  
I used some lovely plain white linen scraps.
-- Ha ha! You can see my before and after weaving project in the background too! --

I also made a comforter and pillow shams for my bed (out of a pillow sham from the thrift store).
  It's embossed cotton and looks just like a quilt! Isn't white just perfect for Summer?
And here is the full effect...
 I do believe my room is resembling a bedroom! And it is so inviting... I think I shall spend much more time in here this summer!

Thank you for reading! Please come visit me and we'll have iced tea and some fresh strawberries as we while away the time with the butterflies in the garden...

♥ Emaline

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The View from Fanny Simpleton's Neck of the Woods

 Let me tell you a story...
 One particularly cold, rainy, gloomy, March day at my home, Rise and Shine Farm.. I walked stiffly down the road to the mailbox.

I glumly opened it, not expecting anything but bills or advertisements. And Lo and Behold! Sunshine shone right out of it! For inside, there was a package. Not just any package of garish orangey-brown paper, but a Large, bright, pink package with stickers and handwriting that I could recognize anywhere. A package from my dear friend, Jean of Windy Pines.
At first I thought, "Oh! I must wait to open it on a brighter day so that I can take pictures and show it off to everyone!" And then I thought, "What?! Wait? I can't do that! I must open it RIGHT THIS MINUTE! I cannot wait!" And so, reader, I did. And the next few minutes.. ok, maybe closer to hours... were spent so delightfully perusing this beautiful handmade book over and over again.
Spring had at last come. 
And I got to meet the enchanting Miss Fanny Simpleton for the first time...
And hear all about the happenings at Windy Pines...
"Goose antics and canoodlings" What a phrase!
Happy, happy day!!
{Started over at the beginning several times...}
Miss Jean's cottage is always decorated so charmingly. It is like walking into a storybook.
It is an accordion style book and has not one, but two sides to goggle at.

Sometimes I think... we must be kindred spirits... I do believe I will have that cup of tea first.
So I had to write a thank you note while I ate my Easter chocolate. :)
{Thank you so much Miss Jean for such a thoughtful gift!}
 She is such a fun and talented person! Creativity simply pours out of her! And what a kind thought to send me and my friends at Rise and Shine Farm a handmade gift! {You are too kind Miss Jean!} 
I hope you've all enjoyed the View from Miss Fanny Simpleton's Neck of the Woods at Windy Pines.
I most certainly have!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Summer to every Bunny!

Hello Friends...
It has been  a long time, has it not? I do believe life has been happening! Ballet, flooding, irrigation, friends, weddings, trips, barbeques, family! And in between times I have been flitting about the garden weeding here, cutting there, planting and watering here, here and here... The time has been just soaring by! But, it is still June! Which means the summer is ahead of us, and we shall do our best to make the most of it!

 And now... I have been wanting to post these pictures of all of the lovely projects our friends and us made during the March 2013 Winter Accessory Craft-Along. So many beautiful things! I wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to see them before I begin some Summer posting! You may click on the pictures to see the original posts if you like.
Olive's Opera Hood
 Ophelia's Fur Muff
 Mabel's Buttercup Aimee Hat
 Alice's Panda Hat
 Emaline's Bosom Friend

We had such fun making these for the craft along! I SO enjoyed seeing what everyone came up with to make! Thank you to all participants who made it a success!

So... Now, what shall we do next, hmm? Any suggestions? 

I hope to be posting some summer activity pictures soon! Thank you, all you dear readers, for sticking with me even through my LONG absences! My love and best Summer wishes to each and every blessed one of you!
Love, Emaline ♥