Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Emaline's bedroom makeover...

 Oh! How I love to redecorate!

 The last you saw of my bedroom it looked like this... Yay for Christmas decor!
 Then, after I reluctantly took down my Christmas decor, it was decorated for Valentines and my Birthday. Yay!
Mabel made me the loveliest calendar {More on that later!} Which you see there in front of the vase of flowers.
 My darling Mama made this rug for me! Isn't it the cushiest, coziest thing you've ever seen?
Then, on a rather blustery, gloomy March day, I received the loveliest little book of Spring from my dear friend Miss Jean {See previous post}. And it was so inspiring, it gave me the nudge I needed to clear all of the winter coziness from my room and bring in all the freshness of Spring! So... Here is what I did...

I added some happy thoughts to my walls...  
A cross-stitch and a mirror. For both I made a frame out of twigs.
 Forsithia, linens (napkins from Marmee make wonderful table cloths), books, sea shells and feathers...

 I switched my red bird cage for white. Happy birds!
 And I finally re-covered the cushions on my chairs.  
I used some lovely plain white linen scraps.
-- Ha ha! You can see my before and after weaving project in the background too! --

I also made a comforter and pillow shams for my bed (out of a pillow sham from the thrift store).
  It's embossed cotton and looks just like a quilt! Isn't white just perfect for Summer?
And here is the full effect...
 I do believe my room is resembling a bedroom! And it is so inviting... I think I shall spend much more time in here this summer!

Thank you for reading! Please come visit me and we'll have iced tea and some fresh strawberries as we while away the time with the butterflies in the garden...

♥ Emaline

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Jeannette said...

If I had Alice in Wonderland's size reducer...I would pop in for a visit...what a lovely environment. I'd sit at the table and on the lovely refurbished chairs..ask to nap on the bed...yes, a lovely spot!