Sunday, June 23, 2013

The View from Fanny Simpleton's Neck of the Woods

 Let me tell you a story...
 One particularly cold, rainy, gloomy, March day at my home, Rise and Shine Farm.. I walked stiffly down the road to the mailbox.

I glumly opened it, not expecting anything but bills or advertisements. And Lo and Behold! Sunshine shone right out of it! For inside, there was a package. Not just any package of garish orangey-brown paper, but a Large, bright, pink package with stickers and handwriting that I could recognize anywhere. A package from my dear friend, Jean of Windy Pines.
At first I thought, "Oh! I must wait to open it on a brighter day so that I can take pictures and show it off to everyone!" And then I thought, "What?! Wait? I can't do that! I must open it RIGHT THIS MINUTE! I cannot wait!" And so, reader, I did. And the next few minutes.. ok, maybe closer to hours... were spent so delightfully perusing this beautiful handmade book over and over again.
Spring had at last come. 
And I got to meet the enchanting Miss Fanny Simpleton for the first time...
And hear all about the happenings at Windy Pines...
"Goose antics and canoodlings" What a phrase!
Happy, happy day!!
{Started over at the beginning several times...}
Miss Jean's cottage is always decorated so charmingly. It is like walking into a storybook.
It is an accordion style book and has not one, but two sides to goggle at.

Sometimes I think... we must be kindred spirits... I do believe I will have that cup of tea first.
So I had to write a thank you note while I ate my Easter chocolate. :)
{Thank you so much Miss Jean for such a thoughtful gift!}
 She is such a fun and talented person! Creativity simply pours out of her! And what a kind thought to send me and my friends at Rise and Shine Farm a handmade gift! {You are too kind Miss Jean!} 
I hope you've all enjoyed the View from Miss Fanny Simpleton's Neck of the Woods at Windy Pines.
I most certainly have!

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SisterlyLove said...

What clever, clever friends we have my dear!

It was a most enjoyable surprise!