Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Alice's Winter Accessory - Panda Hat

I have decided to make a replica of my favorite winter stocking hat.
 I was having some doubts about making something for Winter when it was starting to get warm outside. So, lucky for me, our nice, warm, Spring weather has turned into quite a cold, snowy, rainy, knitting sort of weather. :) In fact, we had such a rainy afternoon, and it's such a tiny thing, that I got it done so quickly and didn't even need to post progress pictures!
My Panda Hat

 The inspiration:
 Olive is teaching me how to knit! I'm having SO much fun! And it's way easier than I thought it would be. But then... I have a magnificent teacher. =] You can see her gorgeous projects on Ravelry under the name sisterlylove.


This project took hardly any yarn at all. I used a teeny-tiny scrap.
First, I measured my head and then knit a rectangle as wide as that measurement. On the last 2 rows, I knit 2 together, drew the top together, then sewed the side ends together to make it into it's final hat shape.

Next, make 2 itty-bitty black pompons, sew them on as desired and get ready to embroider the face with the same black yarn. I just embroidered right on top of the stitches in a way that looks like color work, but isn't. (There is a name for it but I can't think of it!) This hat was very easy to make once I learned how to knit. =] Yay!
 I love it so!I've been wearing it constantly.. even in the house! Silly goose that I am. =]
The shirt I made last year on a camping trip out of scraps from an old pair of flannel pj's! The buttons I found at Joann Fabrics. Aren't they the perfect size?
Well, I hope you like my project and you are inspired to do your own!

Remember EVERYONE is welcome at this Craft-Along! Please join us! We'd love it if you did!

Love to you all!


Anna said...

Love, love, love!!! Panda hat!! Okay...sorry, forgot about ladylike behavior. *ahem* You're hat is quite lovely Alice! I love it! You did a splendid job on it! and you have inspired me! I need to get busy on my accessory! :)
♥ Cora

SisterlyLove said...

So cute! It turned out so good.


Emaline Foster said...

Thanks ever so!

And it's ok to freak out... It makes me feel so much more... complimented. =]
Ha ha!