Friday, March 1, 2013

A Winter Accessory Craft Along

 Welcome to our very first Craft-Along!!
It is so exciting! I am SO looking forward to seeing what everyone will choose to make!! I hope this will be the first of many blog parties and craft-alongs!
 "But, before I am run away with my feelings..." As Mr. Collins would say...  Here is all the information you'll need to participate! And please, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Happy Crafting! And Thank you, THANK YOU for joining us!

 Our Craft-Along begins today, March 1st and will end March 31st.
EVERYONE is welcome! Whether you have an antique doll, modern doll, barbie, rag doll, a polly pocket or even a PAPER DOLL, you are welcome to join in this Craft-Along.  :)

Anyone who wishes to participate can make a winter accessory for their doll. You may make any kind of accessory you want... from a simple knitted scarf, a fur muff or a wool cape to a full ice skating outfit! (well, technically that's not an accessory... but, who cares! If you're that ambitious... go for it!)
Post your inspiration, progress and/or finished accessory. Be creative! Be as simple or as elaborate as you want!

{And if you don't finish by the end of March, it's ok! We'd still love to see your posts and finished project whenever it's done.}  :)

Participants must...
  • Post your project on your own blog. (Or on this blog if you are a member)
  • Include one of these "Craft Along" images in your post and link it to this post.
  • Enter your doll's name and a number on the Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post. (For example my first post submitted would be:   Your Name: Emaline - 1 ) 
  • Also, Copy the URL of your post and paste it in the Mr. Linky. (Please make sure the link goes directly to your URL for the specific post and not just to your blog homepage.)
  • Keep on linking your new Craft-Along posts to the Mr. Linky on this post. (numbered in consecutive order: Emaline - 1, Emaline - 2, Emaline - 3 etc.)             

I hope many of you will join us! I'm looking forward to meeting friends, old and new, and seeing your beautiful creations!
 ♥ Emaline and all the Fashionables at MECFF

{Special Thanks to Mabel for making the blog buttons! They're beautiful!}


SisterlyLove said...

Let it begiiin...let it begiiiiin!


Anna said...

Goodness me, it's march already! Looking forward to this! :) -Cora

Emaline Foster said...

I just posted my accessory! I can't wait to see what everyone makes!!


SisterlyLove said...

My Official Photographer Genevieve just linked her post about my new Winter Accessory! I had so much fun making it! Can't wait to see what we're going to do next!