Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Emaline's "Bosom Friend" Progress: Part 2

My goodness! I have been having such fun knitting this "Bosom Friend"! he he!
 But I have to tell you... I made the most unfortunate blunder! Somewhere along the line, I increased or yarned over or who knows exactly what.. and the center of my shawl got... uncentered.
AH! Luckily, Olive was there to rescue me and show me, step by step, how to UNRAVEL a few rows, pick up my stitches and find the middle again. It was incredibly NERVOUSING! (As we like to say in our house.) But, we made it through and are back on track knitting away and hopefully, paying closer attention. :)
It's starting to look like a shawl!! Eeeeeee!!
 Look! Here is a bosom friend that Amy wears in Little Women. Bless me! I think it's crocheted! Cute.
And here's some music that inspires me to knit what I'm knitting! It is 10 minutes long. I think I'll just turn it on and fall into the loveliness of it while I knit. :)

Click the picture for more information.
 There's still plenty of time to join in the fun if you'd like!
Happy Crafting!!


Anna said...

Look at you! Knitting away like a pro! And yes even though you had to take some out I say like a pro! Even pros have to rip stitches out now and then! ;) Looking lovely!
♥ Cora

Jeannette said...

You do realize that you are being recklessly old fashioned!