Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tasha Tudor Tea....

I do apologize that this was so frightfully long in coming...
However I thought you would enjoy the pictures anyway. =]
I (Emaline) had my cousins Olive and Mabel and my friend Ophelia over for a tea party on the lawn! We had such a lovely time!
We had watermelon and Maple Scones. yum!

And Peach Green Tea.

(And we dressed up too!)
Then we took a walk by the garden...

A lovely time had by all!
I hope you enjoyed having tea with us!
Please, do join us again!
~Miss Emaline


The Jantzen family said...

It all looks so wonderful! (and delicous! YUM!!)!!! You all LOVLEY!!
I miss you all so so SO much!!
Miss Fiona~

Anna Kristine said...

So much fun...can't believe it was just a few days before I returned home from England. :(

SisterlyLove said...

We so wished that you both could be there. It's a shameful business all being spread about the globe...
I miss you too!
~Miss Em