Saturday, August 7, 2010

In love with the 1850's

I pray you, Look at these beautiful wedding dresses from the year 1850... Are not they exquisite? The veils are my favourite part! The illustration is from a Godey's Ladies Book from March 1850. Some people may call them "out of date" But I certainly don't. =]
All of the pictures below are from either Godey's or Peterson's magazines. Most are from the 1850's (unless otherwise noted).

I believe this one may be a late 1830's style.
These, I think, are an early 1850's style, although there was no date.

February 1850
March 1850 April 1850

This may be a later year than 1850. Maybe mid 1850's?
July 1850
November 1850
Just thought I'd share some pictures and my love of 1850's styles! Have a marvelous day!
Love, Miss Emaline

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