Friday, August 27, 2010

Tasha Tudor Day news

Salutations! Tasha Tudor Day is Tomorrow, Aug. 28th!! So that is what's been on my mind, obviously.. =]
I have just come across this lovely blog and thought I should share it with you...
Rookery Ramblings is a blog written by a lady named Natalie who is the office manager of Tasha Tudor and Family Inc.. Her blog is so charming! It has everything Tasha you could wish for. =]She is also hosting a giveaway to win an old fashioned ice cream maker and a Tasha Tudor Cookbook for first prize, a Tasha Tudor Cookbook for 2nd prize and for the next 5 winners is a "Making Ice cream and Frozen Yogurt" booklet! Isn't that fabulous? So sign up! Entry will close on Monday Aug. 30th.

Also as another item of interest... Storybook Woods celebrates Tasha Tudor Day every year and invites everyone who posts about Tasha Tudor Day to link to their post on her blog!
{Click on picture to go to Storybook Woods' posts about Tasha Tudor Day}I hope everyone has a lovely day!
Take Joy!

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