Monday, August 9, 2010

A quilt for Emaline

Salutations Ladies! I wanted to show you the quilt my darling cousin Olive made for me last Christmas! (Isn't she amazing?) And yes... I know, I'm just now putting it on here.
I'm slow.
Isn't it beautiful? The fabrics are just gorgeous! On Christmas morning when I opened the package I was quite stunned. ;) Then after coming out of my first initial stunning, I (naturally) went into raptures...
Here is the back which she also pieced!
*sighs and puts hand to head to stop from swooning*
She tied it with cotton cording. Aren't those fabrics adorable?
It is so cozy too! She used cotton batting on the inside.
Thank you my dear Olive for such a lovely gift!
Here is a gift I received last Christmas from Miss Fiona! :)
She made these beautiful cards by hand and sent them to me in a package by post as she lives quite far away. Thank goodness for the postal service! It makes me feel a least a little bit closer.

Aren't they lovely! I haven't been able to bear parting with them. (I'm silly that way...) One day, I will need a card for something and I'll know just the perfect one to send! Thank you so much my sweet!
The sweet crocheted purse I got from my Mother for Christmas! Isn't it pretty? It has a beautiful pearl button for a closure and a long shoulder strap for keeping your hands vacant. And the cards just happened to be the right size to fit inside so that is wear I've been keeping them safe. :)
Thank you Marmee!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I'm posting about Christmas.. ha ha! But that's ok because I am enjoying myself. I hope you have enjoyed reading or looking at this post as much as me. Ha ha! I love hearing your comments, questions and thoughts on our blog, so please do leave one if you feel so inclined.. Thank you!
And Thank you to all of our followers! It makes me feel happy that we can in some way share a little bit of our world with you and maybe even inspire or just make you smile. Thanks again!
I hope everyone has a glorious day in God's beautiful world!
- Miss Emaline


Anna Kristine said...

Emmaline your quilt is so pretty! Olive does such lovely work. ;)
And such sweet note cards and purse. Thanks for sharing and I do so miss you!

SisterlyLove said...

Ooh! I love the new look! :)

and Olive