Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Miss Savannah Mariee Johnson

Janurary 15th, 1837, Harpers Ferry, West Virgina a new baby girl was born into the Johnson family. Her name was Savannah Mariee. She had four brothers, and one sister, who later died.

When Savannah was five, the Johnson family packed up all their belongings and headed for the Oregon trail. Savannah thought that this adventure was going to take them back home to Harpers Ferry. When they ended in Willamette, Oregon, Savannah promised herself that when she was old enough she would go back to Harpers Ferry.

In 1860, when Savannah was 23, she headed back east. She lived there for two years until the war broke out, and Harpers Ferry was held by the Union. She was forced to leave and while she still had her life she fled to Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Savannah loves......
Being with Friends
The latest fashions
And cooking/baking

What else could a lady (of her time period, no doubt) want?

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SisterlyLove said...

How lovely it is to meet you Miss Savannah! What an adventurous lady you are! I love your pink bonnet! I believe that bonnets are highly under rated! I think everyone should wear bonnets! =]
So nice to meet you!
With my complements, Emaline