Monday, February 9, 2009


Hello my lovelies! This is one of my favorite subjects! I think there is something so lovely about clean white cotton and pretty things that no one sees but yourself. I'm not sure why I love underpinnings so much, but I absolutely do!

Here is a lovely hidden pocket that Olive made for me last year! Isn't it beautiful?
She embroidered it with flowers and my initial and then sewed it on to a beautiful printed cotton waistband that you can tie on over or under your corset!

This is my 1860's corset that I sewed entirely by hand!
It's made of dupioni silk (leftover scraps from my oldest sister's wedding dress!) and lined with white cotton.

I used a thick satin ribbon for binding the top and bottom.
The free hand embroidery I did with silk thread...

On the back I did little eyelets and laced it with cording.

Here is my pretty petticoat! Rather wrinkly at the time we took the photos but oh well, it gives it the real "lived in" look, right? =]
It is a vintage cotton petticoat with tiny little growth tucks and beautiful lace around the hem!
I didn't get a picture of the bloomers that I made but here they are peeking out from under my chemise... Ruffles are another thing I love!

Here is a random little project I did last summer...
A friend of mine was going to make a friendship quilt and she asked me to make a square for it!
A lovely idea, wouldn't you agree? So I decided to embroider mine...
Acorns are my favorite thing to embroider!

Well, that is all I have for the moment... I would love to hear what you think and see pictures of what you are all making or have already made. =]
ta ta,
Miss Emaline


Anna Kristine said...

Dear Emmaline, indeed your underpinnings are AMAZING! I love your hidden pocket from Olive. The corset is amazing as well. :) You've quite inspired me!
Also, your embroidered quilt block is beautiful! :)
*sigh*....I must work on some pretty things one of these days.

SisterlyLove said...

Em, I love them all! You are very selfish you know! You are much too spoiled in having such a wonderful seamstress to sew all your clothing for you! Mine, you see, is very amiable, of course, but some times I think she is a little feather brained?... I mean to say, to allow me to go about in a Toga! And even let me stroll around in my underpinnings! I tell you she is quite shocking!!
Bless my soul, its half past Five! As you know, darling. I need to feed the cows, before they feed on me, poor little dears! ah! I hear them now...:) Its been ever so pleasant,

SisterlyLove said...

Mabel! You are too funny dearest. You make me laugh out loud and make quite a fool of myself. But oh well, what is the point of being made out of china and fluff if you can't be a little foolish every now and then? I ask you?

Beautiful corset my dear!! And WHO made that AMAZING pocket? Hee hee! My favorite is the vintage petticoat. Didn't you say you found it at an antique store and made it over to fit your tiny little waist? You are oh so fashionably thrifty my dear.

Your friend,

SisterlyLove said...

Thank you all, darlings!
I'm glad I could be of some inspiration! =]

Yes, Mabel, I think your seamstress might need a talking to. She is terribly fun, but I think she needs just a touch of inspiration or something. Sweet, silly thing she is!

To be sure my dear Olive! I think there is still room in the world for foolish and fashionable fluff. Hee hee! Yes, my Mother found it at an antique store in town and as it was quite a few sizes too large, I added some pleats to the back for a little more fullness. And now it fits like a dream!

Thank you all for your kind comments! I will have more to post presently. =]
Yours ever, Emaline

Rod said...

Everyting is so lovely!! I'm so sorry I have not posted in a while. But I do have some new dresses comeing up soon.

Olive, I think you should post on here soon!! I would love to see what lovely things you have made!!
Miss Fiona G H~

SisterlyLove said...

Miss Fiona! We miss you so much and wish you were here to have tea parties with.
Yes, I think I shall post about myself soon. Perhaps after we get back from our trip!

We cannot wait to see your new dresses!! Please post sooon! :)

All my love,
Olive Wright

SisterlyLove said...

Hello my dearest Miss Fiona!
It's been ever so long since we've had the pleasure! It is so good to hear from you! Please do post! I would love to see your beautiful things! Happy day!
~Miss Emaline

Rod said...

Hello dear dear friends!! Yes I shall post a s soon and our computer is fixed! It is very hard to do anything on it. If I want to post a pic. it takes about a little under an hour.
But it shall be soon!!!! :-D
Love you all so much!!
Miss you!!
Miss~ Fiona G H

Jeannette said...

What a fun blog you are in...the embroidery is speaks of quiet time and graceful appreciative thoughts.