Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here comes the bride...

Let me introduce you to a very special doll that we have the privilege to show to you.
"Sweet Sue"
Our lovely neighbor Candy, who received this doll when she was 9, let her come and stay with us for a while. We had such fun!
The doll, "Sweet Sue Sophisticate", was manufactured in (around) 1957 by American Character.
She is an all vinyl fashion doll. She's 20" tall, with "sleep" eyes which means they close when she is lying down. The make up and hairstyle are gorgeous! Very feminine and 50's!
I have to say besides those beautiful red lips the nylons with the seams are my favorite part.

Genevieve (aka Miss Olive) had a lovely time taking her 'bridal portraits'. They are quite stunning!

Doesn't she look real?

These shoes are absolutely fabulous!

The veil is ankle length made out of tulle and the cap is satin with little pearls sewn all around the front. There are even little pearl-head pins that pin the veil to the cap!
Her necklace looks like a string of diamonds! Lovely!

The main part of the bodice and over skirt is made out of a creamy white satin. The under-skirt is two tiers of pleated tulle sewn onto satin.
It is very well made! I think the seamstresses who made these would be appalled at the doll clothes that you can buy nowadays. =]
The ruffle around the neckline and the bottom part of the sleeves is made of a very soft kind of sheer tulle or netting (I think). The sleeves almost remind me of a late 1700's style. =]

Thank you so very much Candy for sharing "Sweet Sue" with us!
Very gratefully yours,
(aka Miss Emaline)


Anna Kristine said...

Indeed she is quite sweet! Oooh, she's so pretty. :) I don't think I'd seen her in her wedding dress before. Maybe I had?
Anyway...she's quite lovely and Genevieve's photography is splendid!
~Anna "Cora"

Jantzen Family said...

She is so lovly!!! Yes so does look quite real!!