Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas, Apologetics (of sorts) and Pictures

Hello my good fellows!
I simply have to post something for I cannot bear the sight of the date on the last post any longer!

*sigh* There. I have fixed it. I feel much better. And I WILL post the bonnet tutorial. Just... not until I have the time. (That's where things get messy you see..)
Anyway... I am SO excited about Christmas! I cannot believe it's here already! What joyous times! I hope everyone's Christmas will be full of merriness and love! Merrymaking is one of my most favorite things! I would love to hear all about your plans for Christmas and of course your projects and presents, and the like, I am always interested in. =]

I haven't been doing a whole lot of sewing lately, but I have been "researching" a bit... Which usually consists of me finding a picture I like and then perusing ALL of what the blogger has posted. And this, ladies, is why I do not have an entirely full closet! *gasp of horror* Yes, I know... Shameful.. Disgraceful... Alas... that is the way of things at the moment. So... I will leave you with a few pictures I've found that I think are absolutely inspiring!

Calender from the year 1897 (from the Graphics Fairy)
(To me, the dresses look like late 1700's while still resembling styles of the late 1800's, which I think is pretty typical of paintings.) =]
Regency evening attire.
(Isn't this gorgeous? I've never seen anything like this before!)
Here are five different ladies from Renaissance/medieval/Shakespearean Eras
(Also from The Graphics Fairy) Aren't they lovely? =]

All my love,


SisterlyLove said...

Those are beautiful Miss Emaline! I love the third picture from the bottom. Beautiful! I love the calendar as well!

I would tell you about presents and such..but then, you'd know what you are getting! Aren't you a clever one? Trying to figure out what you are getting? *tisk tisk*

I must go and work on them. :)

Miss Olive

Lady Kara said...

These pictures are simply wonderful. I'm trying to remember what movie it was where I saw a Regency dress like the one you have may have been a movie on the life of Jane Seymour, one of King Henry VIII's wives. It's gorgeous!

Take care,
Lady Kara

SisterlyLove said...

Ah! so lovely i could swoon.. I haven't got a very good idea of fashion and dates yet... (you see i prefer fantasy ;D) But i think that regency dress has a bit of a blast from the past to an Elizabethan era. don't you think that the designer of this remarkable dress was just a bit smitten to the era of Shakespeare?? I especially see it in the sleeves.
lovely post Em!