Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Reading...

I'm still reading this lovely book month by month and enjoying every little detail!
It has even inspired me to paint and I am copying, as best I can, one of the watercolors.

I also just finished Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. 
So good. So, indescribably good. You must read it.
As Anne would say, speaking of bright Autumn leaves, "Don't they give you a thrill Marilla? Several thrills?".
I am very thrilled to start the next book in the series! 
And here's my question for you....
What are you reading?

Love to you all,


Jeannette said...

All these photos show and they are lovely . Enjoy doing the watercolor...a fine way to open the senses.

SisterlyLove said...

Hi Em! I'm reading Mistress Pat by L. M. Montgomery! It's so good but I'm almost finished! :( Now what do I read?


Anastasia said...

I've been reading a lot this summer...I finished books 2 and three of the Cheney Duvall series, all the Love Comes Softly series, and a bajillion other books that I can't remember! (I'm also reading the Anne of Green Gables series. Is this the first time you've ever read the book?)


Emaline Foster said...

Genevieve, You should read The Wind in the Willows. It's lovely for summer! (And probably the only book I've read that you haven't!) =]

Anastasia, My sisters and I are in the midst of watching ALL of the Love comes softly movies. he he! I have not read the books, but my sister is talking me into it. =]
And yes, it is the first time I've read Anne of Green Gables. *blush blush* I wish I would've read it about 6 or more years ago because I would've LOVED it then. I am so in love with it now. It makes me feel like a kid. =]


Farmgirl said...

I love the Country Diary!! I bought that for homeschooling, oh, so many years ago!! ;) Don't those pictures make you want to go find a lovely spot outside and sit down and paint something?!?! Very beautiful book.

Emaline Foster said...

Hello Farmgirl!
It is the perfect book for homeschooling! Botany in the most pleasant form! It is one of my favorite books! And yes! Painting outside in a lovely spot by the garden is exactly what I was inspired to do! And that's what I did! Ha ha! I'm nearly finished with my painting too. MAYBE I'll post a picture of it sometime. =] Not that it's "Great Art" or anything. I am learning as I go. =]
xo Emaline