Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Greetings!

Hello Dear Friends!  Merry Christmas!!
I am so happy to be here again! It's been ages and I have missed everyone so!

I have been busily baking, knitting, making Christmas presents and decorating my house for Christmastime!
I would love to know what you've been about since last I was here. Please, do tell!

I would not wish to detain you long from your Christmas festivities... But I thought I'd share a little of my Christmas with you!

 [I sprinkled Formica snow on absolutely everything!]

[Pewter angels from my Brother-in-Law's Grandma]

[I made a star for my tree that looks just like the one my Mama always puts on the big tree. It is just a cardboard star covered in tin foil with a hole for a light to poke through. It is one of our many Christmas traditions.]

[Kitchen utensils from Marmee!]

  [See my new bunny from Mabel?]

 [This pretty gingham table runner belonged to my Grandma.]

 [my new elephant bush]

[This card from my friend Miss Fanny just about sums me up]

 [The tea kettle is always on at my house. Would you like a cup?]

 I hope you all have a most joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!
All my love,

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