Friday, July 3, 2015

Period Drama Interview from Emma ♥

Hello everyone! 

Is it hot where you are? It is where I am! oh my! It's Summer!

I've been trying to catch up on some things and I found this post I had saved to finish later. Only, it's much later. Oops! Anyway... I thought it sounded fun so here we are! A little bit of diversion!

Thanks to Emma (at a lantern in her hand) for awarding us this award! You are too kind!

 ~What is one of your favorite period drama lines that you find yourself quoting often?
"Yes, I would love some tea-yes-thank you-LEMON!" - Norman Warne (From the movie Miss Potter. One of my favorites.)

 ~What was the last book you read?
An Old Fashioned Girl, by L.M. Alcott

 ~What was the best movie you saw in 2014?
How to Train Your Dragon 2. I had no idea from the title of those movies that they would be so good. I was pleasantly and hysterically surprised. :)

 ~Who is one of your least-favorite period drama couples?
hmmm... Probably Pip and Stella from Great Expectations. They're quite aggravating.

 ~Who is the one period drama man you can most imagine yourself marrying? (This doesn't have to be your favorite literary/period drama hero, just the man you think you would be most suited to.)
Mr. Knightly of course! Although Raoul from Phantom of the Opera is a very close second :)

 ~ What is your favorite time period and culture to read about?
1800's U.K., America and Europe, Medieval Scotland (Has anyone else read The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter? ♥)

 ~Are you familiar with the Irish music group Celtic Woman? If so, who is your favorite of the singers?
This is a rather random question. ha ha! I have heard them but am not familiar with the singers. But I think they're voices (and hair) are beautiful. A celtic singer I really like is Julie Fowlis.

 ~What is one of your all-time favorite book covers?

and this one because it makes me laugh SO hard!

 ~Is there a specific period drama/literary character whom you often find yourself quoting?
Pride and Prejudice in general... most often Mrs. Bennet  :)

 ~Is there a specific period drama/literary character whom you find yourself acting a lot like sometimes?
Anne Shirley and Bilbo. I've got a comfortable homebody Baggins side as well as an adventurous Tookish side which comes out every now and then. And Anne happens to be rather the same!

Thanks for the award Emma!!

Let me know if you enjoyed the "interview"! And if you like... do the tag as well! You can leave a link to your own post in the comments!

Have a wonderful day!
Miss Em


Evelyn and The Puppets said...

I Love your blog! Kiss from Spain :)

Emaline Foster said...

Thank you Evelyn! ( I love that name!) I'm off to Spain (via internet) to check out your blog!