Sunday, August 28, 2016

A long absence...

Hello my dears!

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!
I always think of this blog and all of you on Tasha Tudor Day. We've had some lovely ones together! So I thought, what better day than this to take up my pen, as it were, to say a little hello to you! 
It has been much, much too long! 13 months since my last post! That is the longest break I've ever taken from blogging. I do apologize.

I have finally begun a Regency Era outfit! Here is what I have so far!
Just the petticoat! But it is hand sewn. *oh happiness!*

This blog has been so fun for me! And I intend to continue to blog. Whether it will be more often or not... I cannot say.  Life is busy and I treasure these moments when I do get to do things like blog. The point is... I still do enjoy it very much and will continue to post.  I hope you enjoy it as much.

It is not for profit, nor for education... simply for a bit of fun and diversion! Therefore, I will be here occasionally pasting up photos or short stories or poems and any other thing that i find amusing and uplifting. I hope you will enjoy it and let me know if you do have any ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see.

This is not just my blog either. Although i am the one who does most of the posting. If you are a member of this blog (you know who you are...) please feel free to post directly on the blog. I'd love to see what you've been up to! Or if you're not a member and have a similar interest in historical dolls or the like, leave a link in the comments and we would love to see what you do!
If you are still reading this, thank you! Thank you to all of you who have continued to be followers of this blog even though it has been rather touch and go! I appreciate and love you all!

Happy Tasha Tudor Day! And may you Take Joy!

All my love, 

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