Monday, June 8, 2009

Meet Miss Olive Wright

This is Miss Olive Wright. She has been friends with Miss Emaline and The Circle for a long time but is just now "coming out". She is extremely honored and excited to show you how she was made and is looking forward to posting more about her history soon.

I found her on e-bay and fell in love with her at first sight. I love her big china blue eyes, rosebud mouth and pink cheeks!

As you can see her body was in need of some tender loving care. As far as I could see it was the original body. It is stuffed with sawdust and has been repaired in many many places.

The shoes were broken off. But don't you love her little blue garters?

I thought about ordering some new china legs for her but decided against it. I gave her some fabric legs and feet instead.

Her arms and hands were beautifully intact!

I saw these button joints in a doll collecting book and decided to try them. They were very easy and they work great. She can dance and run and leap to her hearts content. :)

Here's her body all finished! I gave her a very fashionable hour-glass figure.

Here she is very patiently waiting for her head to be sewn on.

Ahhh, much better!

Now she is ready to be fitted for her fashionable wardrobe!

Miss Olive wishes to thank all the Doll's for including her in their Fashionable Assembly!
~Miss Genevieve and Miss Olive Wright


Anna Kristine said...

Yay! Welcome Olive love! Indeed it is so good to at last see you face on this blog. :)
I think we fashionable friends are in great need of a social gathering soon aren't we? Although I have not a stitch to wear...besides the lovely chemise Miss Emaline made for me. Must get to sewing! Perhaps we should have a sewing circle first? :)
Much love,

SisterlyLove said...

Hello Cousin Olive!
I am ecstatic that you have joined our not-so-little-anymore circle! I am thrilled with your post it is so lovely and inspiring!

Yes, Miss Cora... We certainly do need to have a sewing circle one of these days. And then of course a party! It is long over due! We shall do something soon my Sweets!

fare thee well!
~Miss Emaline