Monday, January 23, 2012

Babes from the Woods

Hello my darlings!
I thought I would just post this link while we're on the subject of 18th century dolls....

It is a blog called Babes from the Woods.
(I have also put a link to it on the left hand side bar in case we need instant inspiration.♥)

She makes the most lovely antiqued Queen Anne dolls as well as some beautiful replicas of other eras. Here is just one of her many exquisite dolls. If I could EVER choose a favorite (which I couldn't) it might be this one.

Have you fallen on the floor yet from sheer delight and amazement? If you have, please pick yourself back up and prepare to do it again because you must also look at this doll called Margie. So beautiful! I pray you, go look upon them. They are desserts for thine eyes! My pen cannot even describe what loveliness awaits you!
Lovingly, Emaline

p.s. Just so you know.. I have been trying to change the blog header to a more appropriate theme for winter but have not had any success. It is giving me grief. But nevertheless, I shall conquer!


Kathy Patterson said...

Thank you for the glowing report on my dolls and my passion!
I love making dolls! That was so nice of you to put a post on your site about my dolls.
Again, I humbly thank you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments on Kathy Patterson's dolls. They are truly works of art.
Whenever I need a bright spot in my day, I go to her Babes From the Woods website, and smile.

I am glad to have found your website and am enjoying it immensely.
Happy day,

SisterlyLove said...

Thank you so much Joan for your happy thoughts and comments! I hope you will continue to enjoy our blog.

Fond regards,