Sunday, February 26, 2012

1894 Tailor Gown

My very good friend Kacie made this dress for me quite a few Christmases ago. It has gotten MUCH use as I simply love wearing it! It makes me feel confident and ready to conquer the world! It is the picture of confidence and sophistication.
The inspiration for the dress came from this pattern. Although she so cleverly drafted her own pattern just by looking at the picture.

 I simply adore the leg o' mutton sleeves! They have tulle gathered inside the top part so they will stay as poofy as ever!

The military style trim is made of crochet thread, I believe, and sewn on with regular sewing thread. A very good idea!I have always loved this style of trimming!

 The bodice and skirt are separate so they can be worn with other things. The skirt is pleated more in the back then in the front to achieve the 1890's walking skirt look. Also note there is no train so when walking down the street the hem will not be soiled. This is most practical.
 From the side...
 And here are the underpinnings worn under this dress.
For now I am using my 1860's era underpinnings. Perhaps one day I can make some authentic 1890's ones! But for now they'll do.
Chemise, drawers, corset, tournure (or bustle pad) and under and over petticoats.
 The tournure goes under the petticoat and helps hold the skirt out.
It is made of cotton muslin and stuffed with cotton (you could also use down).

 This is what it looks like under petticoats.
It holds the skirt out marvelously too! (See above pictures)
So, there you have it. My 1894 Tailor Dress. Isn't it splendid? Thank you so much my dear Kacie!
If you'd like to see more of her creations, please go visit her blog Kacie's Knitting Adventure. It is simply charming! Here is a link to a post she did about her doll Ophelia showing some of her many beautiful things!
Fare you well!


Anna Kristine said...

Oooh...these pictures make me miss Cora! This dress is so lovely! Kacie is incredible. :)
When we come back can we have a girly day of making doll clothes and watching Wives and Daughters pretty please?

SisterlyLove said...

I miss Cora too! And yes, Kacie is incredible. =]
Yes, yes, yes!! Indeed we must! It is our traditional doll clothes making film! I miss you so my dear Anna!
Please come back soon!

Anna Kristine said...

I can't wait! :)