Sunday, March 4, 2012

through snowy woods...

 Morogh Findlay Llewellyn Barr....
Do you notice anything different about him? Perhaps it will come to you by the end of the post. :)
 Well, just as I had said in my February post, We have had extremely different kinds of weather. It had been quite warm for a couple days and then suddenly, several inches of snow! We were very delighted since we have had only about an inch since Thanksgiving. Morogh was especially delighted! He simply loves cold weather. Silly fellow! As you can see, the snow was well past his knees. But he would choose now to go seek out an adventure.
 Morogh loves nothing better than a challenge of the elements.

 Gaining the vantage point to gaze thoughtfully and muse on the deep snow that covers everything in quiet beauty.
 Here is his new sgian-dubh made so expertly by my very clever nephew. 
Thank you my good, brave lad!
Here is the sporran I made for him. It's made of leather and waxed sinew and a metal chain.

 Here he is looking out from his camping spot. His next task will be finding dry wood for a fire, should his limbs need thawing at the end of the day.

  And in case you haven't guessed yet... The difference in Morogh's appearance is his eyebrows! The poor laddie had no eyebrows to speak of and I could not abide it any longer!
So, I gave him some eyebrows. Beautiful, rich, expressive, manly eyebrows.
Thank you for coming my courageous companions! Maybe next time we'll have haggis.


Anna Kristine said...

You are making me miss Cora dreadfully! My, he sure is handsome! And what perfectly manly eyebrows! I love them! :D I covet that snow too...

SisterlyLove said...

He has won my heart.... What a brace manly fellow!


SisterlyLove said...

Such a handsome bloke... He LOOKS like a hero.