Sunday, March 18, 2012

Things to do in March...

Go sight seeing..
 make or write music..
 Go for country walks with friends..
 Look fabulous..
 Do something spontaneous..
 Write a letter or two or three..
 Go out for tea..
 Stay in for tea..

 Go hunting..
 Read books..
 Go for a bike ride..
Aren't these good ideas? Aren't you inspired? Ha ha! I must say I have been inspired to do all of these things and have done some. ♥ 
Reading, drinking tea ("Obviously." - Mary Poppins), writing letters, making music, going for walks, looking fabulous ;), dancing, and even spontaneity.... Next on the list- sight seeing, going out for tea, "hunting" for some essential clothes for spring and bicycling.♥
Love to you all, Emaline


SisterlyLove said...

Mmm! Lovely pictures!!


SisterlyLove said...

This just makes me quake with raptures. I want to do all of these things.. How about going out to have bubble tea? That's a springy thing to do.
I love alll these photos and paintings!