Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1890's Bicycling Outfit

 Bicycling is one of the great enjoyments of life! 
I simply love pedaling down the lane to say hello to the neighbors or to look at the horses or to search for signs of Spring! Just feeling the wind in my hair puts me in a more amiable mood.

And of course, if one is to go out for a bicycle ride, one must have the proper attire. Like these lovely pieces from the era.

 And here is my bicycling outfit made for me by my witty friend Kacie. She actually made it for her own doll Ophelia, but I oohed and ahhed over it so much that she decided I should have it. I will be forever grateful. ♥ She also made the 1894 Tailor Gown that I posted about.
 Here is the chemisette. Soft cotton with a beautifully delicate trim around the collar, tiny pearl buttons (actually, seed beads) and a luxurious red satin bow tie! Oh, happiness!
It ties neatly around the torso and is so much less bulky than a blouse would be.
Then the bloomers. What can I say but, fabulous...
The jacket is so sophisticated and beautiful. I love the gold buttons. 
It has a large collar, sewn down for perfect practicality. 
 How much better can it get than "Leg o' Mutton" sleeves!?
The waist points in the front and the back which makes it so elegant. ♥
And of course, the hat! A Tam was very popular to wear with Bicycling garb as you can see from the 1890's illustrations and pictures. And they're so cute!
Thank you Kacie! And thank you all, dear readers for coming to see me!
I hope you may all get out and go for a ride this spring! And if you haven't read the "Don'ts for the Lady Bicyclist", you must go and read it! It is simply hilarious!



SisterlyLove said...

You look so dashing!! But, remember not to discuss your bloomers with everyone...


Anna Kristine said...

I love that outfit! Kacie is so talented! I need Cora here so I can make her things! The question is though...will I?
Miss you!

SisterlyLove said...

Oh my dear! She is splendid! A great beauty. How fashionable an outfit to wear while "dandering" on a bicycle...
Thanks Em!
love you!