Sunday, October 14, 2012

a fairy banquet

This quiet place by the river was so perfect and serene, I could've spent all day arranging leaves, tree bark and stones into tiny little houses. It is one of my favorite things to do whilst enjoying nature's fair splendor.

Here is the banqueting hall, all ready for the feast!
A tree bark roof will protect them from the sun and rain and a fire place with logs neatly stacked is an assurance of warmth for the cool night.
 The table is arrayed with forest finery and seats of stone to sit upon are there, ready for the arrival of the fair guests. The ground is carpeted with soft leaves and the fairies are all preparing their gowns of sparkling gossamer threads and soft petal shoes for the starlight fairy dance.  


SisterlyLove said...

Beautiful writing Emaline! I love the carpet of green leaves.


Anastasia said...

Love your little houses! So cute. I love woods...

Anastasia McKibbon

Emaline Foster said...

I love the woods too!