Sunday, October 28, 2012

A coverlet and other belonglings

It is so nice to be here again. 
Thank you to all of our faithful friends who've been commenting and bringing us cheer!
Here's something new!
My Dahling cousin Mabel made me this divine coverlet for my bed.
Isn't it beautiful? She crocheted it by hand out of tiny bamboo thread. It is heavenly soft.
Unfortunately, I still haven't made any bed clothes because I haven't had the right scraps.
 But at least my mattress may be covered now.

 And here is a box I made (well, covered anyway) for my deck of cards to go in.
And here are some more trinkets around my boudoir that I thought you might enjoy.
Some are mine, some I borrowed from Marmee.

 This origami box was made by my friend Kacie. It works perfectly for holding my china plates and it looks splendid besides. Underneath it is my big fluffy soft cushion which comes in handy in many situations (especially if you happen to be made of china), remade from a vintage quilt by my other lovely friend at May Farm Cottage.
 I hope you are all enjoying the Fall as much as I am! 
This weekend we went over the Mountains to get some apples for baking and canning! Oh! The colors we saw on the trees! So magnificent! It rained all weekend which made it even more of an adventure and made me quite glad I brought my woolies. :)

Now that we're home, I am so much looking forward to doing some baking, sewing, getting started on Christmas presents, redecorating my boudoir and crocheting some coziness for the cold months ahead.
What are your plans for the frosty afternoons?
I would love to know. =]
All my love,


Jeannette said...

Hope your little house is safe in the storms!

SisterlyLove said...

Oh I have many plans for the frosty afternoon. All of which include tea, crafting and girl movies. :)

Your room just keeps getting more and more beautiful!


Emaline Foster said...

Thanks Jeannette! I am quite snug inside my log cabin! I hope you are not being tossed in any storms!

And yes, my dear Olive, I do believe I shall be there with you on those frosty mornings... whether you want me or not. =]


cristall said...

Estoy feliz por haber encontrado su blog.Me gusta mucho.
Bss apretaos!!!

Emaline Foster said...

Thank you Cristall!
I am happy you found us too. =]