Tuesday, February 5, 2013

dress details...

 My 1840's dress is getting so close to being done!
Here are some of the details I've been very busy with.
 (I know it is very unladylike.. But I like to call the wrong side of the bodice, the guts of the dress. He he!)
Here is the skirt which is finished, except for the fastening.

 I added a hem guard because I just love them and they are very practical. I also added tucks for trim as well as for giving the skirt more volume. It stands out quite nicely, don't you think?

And here is a very sad story which I hope never "happens" to you.
I measured, I sewed, I ironed and hand sewed 5 tucks, I hemmed, I added the waistband, I tried the skirt on... THEN, I realized... I had forgotten to check the length before I finished it.
It was a good inch and a half TOO LONG. Which is a lot when you're only 18 inches tall. eheh, heh...
I had a slight conniption fit... 
and then I got ready to sew three more tucks in the skirt which corrected the length and gave the skirt more beauty and fullness. So, it all worked out for good in the end I'm glad to say.

But if I were you, I would go the less terrifying route and measure the length BEFORE you finish the skirt. :)

This has been
Sewing Room Catastrophes
with Emaline Rose

Good luck and Good morning.

More on this dress coming!
It is SO close!


SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! Sewing Room Catastrophes! You funny girl you.
It's gorgeous...


Liesl said...

Sorry to hear about the snag you hit. What a bummer. But at least it all worked out right in the end. And hey! *Too long* is always a better mistake than *too short*.
Your details look so impressive!

Emaline Foster said...

You are absolutely right, Liesl. Too long is much more fixable than too short. Ha ha... I suppose I just wanted to grouse. =]

Thank you ladies for your encouraging words. ♥

Anna said...

I cannot wait to see your lovely dress finished! And I think the extra tucks turned out lovely!
♥ Cora

Emaline Foster said...

Thank you, dear Cora!
I have been daydreaming about the sewing days we have had and wishing we could do so again as soon as today! But... I must learn patience!

Love you Cora!