Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Out of picture space

This is a tragic day. As I tried to upload a picture to this blog, a message popped up and said "Whoops! You have used all the picture storage space you had and didn't know there was an end of." Well, something to that effect. And of course, it just has to happen right before I post the pictures of my dress that I've been hinting about for YEARS now.

So, I am trying to decide what to do and how to do it.

But I NEED HELP! And I need some questions answered.

Has this happened to anyone else? And what did you do when it happened (besides stare blankly at the computer for a full 5 minutes).

I think, what other people have done is just started a new blog *choke* and keep the old one open for browsing through. (Is that true?) It sounds kind of possible. Otherwise, you can buy more space for $30 a year. Ouch. Doesn't sound as possible.

Anyway, Please let me know what you think. If you have ANY suggestions or ideas, please pile them on my head, because I need help!
I thank you dear, kind readers and friends for your wonderful comments and words.

Affectionately yours, Emaline


Sherri Farley said...

This happened to me. I paid for more storage space & it was about
$5.00. I don't remember what the process was but you can probably go to google help. I remember I paid with my credit card. It really wasn't a big deal in the end but, I remember I was very panicked!!!!

Anna said...

Hmmm...that sounds fishy. It doesn't seem possible you have run out of space yet...I have had blogs with way more photos in them and never had that happen...I will talk to Britton about it...maybe he will know how to fix that. That's so weird! And annoying. :P

Anastasia said...

You could try deleting some of your earlier posts...don't shoot me! ;-)

Or, you could *gasp of horror* start a new blog. I'm a new blogger, so those are the only two options that I can think could probably put up a post linking to your new blog, if you get one. Can you transfer sidebars/banners from blog to blog?


Jeannette said...

Here is one of two posts where people left me helpful info about paying for picture alternatives: