Monday, May 14, 2012

Queen Mary's Doll House 1924

Hello my dear friends!
 I hope you are sitting down, because you must be quite prepared for what I am about to show you. 
In fact... you should probably make some strong tea and maybe get a few truffles from the cupboard.... just to be safe. Alright, are you quite ready?

 Here is a video I've found of Queen Mary's Doll house which was designed in 1924. The details are simply stunning! Very inspiring, wot? I hope you all enjoy, and have another truffle for the after-effects.
But you mustn't watch it here, it is much too small. Watch it on YouTube and make it as big as it goes. You will be much better able to see the details.

Are you astounded? I still am in a state of disbelief. The tiny Hoover vacuum had my mouth completely dropped open in a very unladylike manner. Likewise, the marble bath tub, the suit of armor, the dishes and glasses, the cars and last but certainly not least the bicycle! Oh! That I had a bicycle! What beautiful things people can make... I am inspired.
It has been a very whirlwind-y sort of month so, I do apologize for being quite absent! I will post more of my 1700's dress as soon as I possibly can! Thank you for being so patient!
Love, Emaline


SisterlyLove said...

Oh my goodness me! What elegance! Love the little tiny piano and the wine cellar. Oh, and the garage with the bicycle and motorcycle and Model A's!
How amazing!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emiline,
I actually saw part of a documentary on this dollhouse but seeing just the pictures alone is so amazing and breath taking how they were able to design this. I think that they keep it in Windsor Castle now and the public can go see it which I thought was so cool.
Mary Drennen