Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tasha Tudor Day...

The gloom of the world is but a shadow.
Behind it, yet within our reach, is joy. Take Joy!
{Tasha's favorite quote} by Fra Giovanni

Is anyone besides me excited? *smiles with giddy joy*

Even though for the past few years something always prevents me from doing exactly what I want to do for Tasha Tudor day, ON Tasha Tudor Day... I usually find a way to do something special for it during the month of August... {Click here to view our first Tasha Tudor Day party}

 {"Thumbelina" illustration - Isn't this a cute idea?)

 But for today, (since I just came down with the flu *ugh*) I'll just imagine the perfect day...

Ideally... My day would start with waking up in early morning.. slipping into my slippers and putting the kettle on for tea. Then sitting in the warm morning sun, reading my Bible for half an hour with tea in my hand and a warm fuzzy cat rubbing against my feet.

Then, after a breakfast of porridge, putting on my homespun work dress and sun bonnet, heading out to the garden to pull some weeds and gather vegetables for lunch.

“I enjoy doing housework, ironing, washing, cooking, dishwashing. Whenever I get one of those questionnaires and they ask what is your profession, I always put down housewife. It's an admirable profession, why apologize for it. You aren't stupid because you're a housewife. When you're stirring the jam you can read Shakespeare.”  - Tasha Tudor

Next of course, I would go for a swim in the pond to cool off and stretch out. (There is nothing equal to this.)

Watermelon comes next, and spitting the seeds at my sisters naturally follows...

 After I rinse the pond water off, I put on my pretty afternoon dress with yards and yards of skirt and an apron and make delectable things for lunch which we eat in a shady place in the garden.

I would drink guava green tea with my family and friends and work a few rows of knitting or maybe try my hand at watercolor while the scent of rose and mint filled the air and the summer breeze floated by like a happy phrase of delicious music.

Then perhaps go for a canoe ride...

And do every creative thing I could think of...

 After several hours of this, we would cook our dinner.

We'd make a salad with fresh greens from the garden and cook a beef and vegetable stew using only ingredients that we've grown to make a heavenly tasting meal that we'd enjoy while watching the fire and rose colored sun set through the trees.

After the dishes are done and darkness has fallen among the living things... I would like to go out and lay down on the sweet smelling grass to gaze up at the stars and be swept away by the wonder of the work of my Saviors hands...

And before I have gotten quite sleepy, I would like to make some hot chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon and a few marshmallows and light the oil lamps and a few candles and cuddle up on the couch with my Mama and sisters and talk a while before heading up the stairs to my soft bed and beautiful, blissful, (hopefully) well earned... sleep.

What are you doing for Tasha Tudor Day? I would dearly love to know!
All my love,


Jeannette said...

Hope the flu is short-lived and you enjoy the gentle beauties every day.

Emaline Foster said...

Thank you Jeanette!
I am feeling much better today and looking forward to each day with renewed delight. =]