Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas at Rise and Shine Farm

Hello friends...

Here are some pictures of my Christmas at home.
I hope you all had a wonderful and joy filled Christmas!

My very first Gingerbread House.

I also made wreaths and wrapped lots of presents.

Cousin Olive knitted this adorable stocking for me with my name. ♥

Miss Fanny gave me these Christmas Goodies in a little box she made with separate compartments for each kind of cookie! 

She also made this Pomander that smells divinely like cloves! 
Ah! Christmas to me is made up of mostly smells. :) Fir trees, spices, warm cookies, oranges and freshly fallen snow...

Miss Fanny also made me the Nativity Christmas card, above, and this adorable rose hip garland which I have placed on my tree! Thank you Miss Fan!
After I take down my tree it will go at the top of my kitchen hutch!

The view from my armchair...

Here are five more Christmases if you would like to see more Christmas pictures as well as a video we made {click on the 2012 link}.

I would love to hear about your Christmas too, leave a link in the comments!

I am thrilled for this new year! I hope we shall all be able to meet very often. (Oh! Is that a Mr. Willoughby-ism? Well, it must be a Jane Austenism anyway.)  :)

Thank you, my faithful readers. Until next time...
xo Emaline


Sherri Farley said...

Sweet! The gingerbread house is adorable & the decorations are fabulous. Enjoyed the post.

SisterlyLove said...

It was a beautiful and magical Christmas! Happy New Year my dear Em!!